I provide supervision for both individuals and groups, students and qualified. The emphasis of the session would be largely dependent upon your level of experience, your orientation and what you are looking for. As a minimum I would seek to create a safe environment within which you could share and explore what is going on for you in your counselling, and would ascertain what you are looking for from me.

As a BACP Senior Accredited counsellor, with over 5,000 hours of counselling behind me, I have a lot of experience to call on. In addition, I have worked in a number of different settings (privately both as an individual from home and running a centre of up to 8 counsellors; within a charity set up, both in management and as a counsellor; within a children’s centre).

I am very committed to ongoing professional and personal development, undertaking well over BACP’s requirement. As a part of this, I receive on-going therapy to ensure my own well-being.

Which model do you work with?

I like and work with the Inskipp and Proctor model which incorporates three elements:
Restorative – checking out the personal well-being of the supervisee
Normative – monitoring the supervisee’s client work
Formative – identifying and maybe providing any further training and input which is necessary
While starting the session with the restorative element, I generally find that the normative and formative elements intertwine throughout the session.

Furthermore, I work a lot with body experiences and memories and the processes that go on in the client-counsellor and counsellor-supervisor relationships.

What experience in supervision do you have?

I have been working with individuals and groups, both students and qualified, in mentoring and coaching for over 30 years. My training has incorporated elements on counselling supervision, both within my degree and subsequent workshops and I have read extensively. Furthermore, my own supervision, through both good and bad experiences on the receiving end, has informed much of what I do. I have also successfully facilitated two supervisees in their application for BACP accreditation.

I have well over 400 hours of experience in supervising.

What happens after I make contact with you?

Following your initial contact with me, we would have an informal chat to meet and ascertain as far as possible whether we could work together. We would also explore what your expectations and goals are. If we agree to proceed we would then work out frequency and length of meetings.

To find out more, please phone me on 07732 966 132, or email me at
I look forward to hearing from you!