Fuller Testimonial…..

I am the owner of a modest sized business which had grown quite significantly in the recent past.  I really enjoy my job.  I am a very happily married man with a lovely wife.  On the face of it, I have very few ‘worries’.  I am a Christian.  I was aware of God’s love for me and of the transformation that had occurred in me because of that understanding.


Notwithstanding all those things, 18 months or so ago I became aware of how difficult I was finding it to make certain decisions at work – delegating tasks to others, saying ‘no’ to clients and staff, putting off unnecessarily making some decisions, and generally feeling fully responsible for every aspect of the business and that ‘I’ was the solution.


At the same time I was aware of finding it difficult to handle potentially challenging situations at home.  I was reluctant to raise things (looking back actually the most minute of issues) that might have been seen as a criticism.  I was aware of being more short-tempered that I thought was healthy, but frequently stifled that and for some reasons often felt I was somehow failing.  At times I genuinely felt that I was approaching the ‘edge of a cliff’, but if I could just get through that day or the coming week then things would be ok.  The general public image being portrayed was that everything was ‘just fine’.  Internally though I was really struggling.


The techniques Tricia used were so well suited to my personality.  She was acutely aware of when things could be explored in more detail or perhaps needed to ‘parked’ to be revisited in due course.  She never forced me to go where I didn’t want to and was incredibly insightful, and sensitive whilst firm.  Although it was a little tough at times, I always felt that I was in control of the process and it was my decision as to whether or not we examined certain areas of my life and my past.


The upshot of my sessions with Tricia is that I am far more happy, relaxed and comfortable with who I am, what I am/am not responsible for and what I can/cannot do in certain situations.  My general temperament at home is far better and I don’t feel like I have to suppress feelings of anxiety or frustration – partly because they now rarely occur, but also because I now have the ‘tools’ to be able to express those without feeling that I am being a disappointment to others or a failure myself!  At work I find I am delegating tasks to others with greater ease and regularity and am not worrying about the possible consequences.  I am now far better equipped to handle potentially confrontational situations with staff, clients and those we come into contact with.  Tricia has genuinely helped transform for the better the way I am running my business.


With Tricia’s help I have grown to learn that God’s love for me is unconditional and there is nothing I can or cannot do to change that.  I now know it in my heart as well as in my head.


Tricia asked me to be brief here.  It is difficult to be brief however having gone through such a significant and positive transformation.  I feel so different.  I am no longer weighed down by the ridiculous burden of feeling that I have to be the ‘answer’ or solution to all things, that if things go wrong it must be my fault and I must find out how to fix it.  I am now very aware that some things are simply outside of my control and my responsibility, and should therefore not be worried about.

I would have absolutely no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Tricia to someone who recognises some of their own shortcomings and is eager to try and change for the better.

Simon, Cheltenham

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