Henri, Cheltenham – update

It is now more than three years since I completed my counselling with Tricia. I was so grateful for the outcome that I wrote a positive review way back then. So, how have I been since? Fantastic, actually! I continue to soar like an eagle and am thoroughly enjoying the view! Tricia’s techniques have . . . → Read More: Henri, Cheltenham – update

Fuller Testimonial…..

I am the owner of a modest sized business which had grown quite significantly in the recent past.  I really enjoy my job.  I am a very happily married man with a lovely wife.  On the face of it, I have very few ‘worries’.  I am a Christian.  I was aware of God’s love . . . → Read More: Fuller Testimonial…..

Janet, Gloucester

I have attended counselling sessions with Tricia for many months. I found her to be professional at all times whilst making me feel at ease. She was very easy to converse with and as soon as we met I knew I’d met the right counsellor to help me through some of the many problems . . . → Read More: Janet, Gloucester

Biblical Hebrew – What people say…

Tricia Johnson is an excellent teacher of the subject and I recommend this course. Robert Atkin

(Of my Hebrew in a week course) Thank you for the lovely week, and for your commitment in equipping God’s people in reading his dabar in the original language. I had a chance to study in different Bible Colleges, but . . . → Read More: Biblical Hebrew – What people say…

Gill, Gloucester

I want to say how helpful Annett was, and our last session really made me feel able to finish in a very gentle way. I have really appreciated how you responded to my need so readily. Very often it’s the waiting for counselling which can be hard, so I was grateful you ‘fixed me . . . → Read More: Gill, Gloucester

Henri, Cheltenham

Having found myself unwillingly in what is recognised as the second most traumatic life event after bereavement – in fact some would say that divorce is the most traumatic life event as one’s ex is still lurking in the shadows – I felt like a rudderless ship in a heavy storm. I was devastated . . . → Read More: Henri, Cheltenham

Revd. Dr. Tim Welch – Senior Pastor, Cambray Baptist Church, Cheltenham

One of my early tasks when arriving as pastor at a new church has been to discover a local professional counsellor who will be able to work with individuals who need more specialised help than I am able to give.

I struck gold when I discovered Tricia Johnson and the work of her . . . → Read More: Revd. Dr. Tim Welch – Senior Pastor, Cambray Baptist Church, Cheltenham